We are still providing mutual aid, but have slowed down due to the size of our cozy Infoshop. Our focus is on providing critical items to elders, disabled relatives, non-binary relatives, unsheltered relatives, and single parent/guardian households in the Window Rock, AZ and Gallup, NM areas. If you know someone who is part of the groups we focus on and needs help, email keinfoshop-at-protonmail.com or leave a voicemail at 505.552.2533. We schedule deliveries every Tuesday afternoon from 1 PM to 6 PM. Every Saturday at the Infoshop we provide a warm meal and community giveaways of items donated to us.

Now is probably the best shot we have at raising enough funds for our first tier goal, which is $75,000 to purchase materials and tools needed to build our mobile off-grid infoshop. Second tier is a lofty $250,000 to buy back stolen land near a bordertown and restore kinship with it. The first-tier is our immediate priority to ramp up our mutual aid efforts again.

There are grants available for this, we don't want to apply for them because we must maintain our autonomy and ability to serve our relatives directly without any branding or parachuting, which are against our organizing principals. Help us continue to evolve our infoshop from a small radical community center to a model of how it may be done throughout Indigenous territories.

We are looking for a new fiscal sponsor so we can only take small donation to help with our rent and weekly solidarity meals. You may send funds via Venmo to: keinfoshop

COVID-19 Mutual Aid

K'é Infoshop will be partnering with the following organizations to build an autonomous yet effective distribution system to provide food and other essential items to families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic:

Linktree of Indigenous Mutual Aid Groups
Taalaa Hooghan Infoshop - Donation Page
The Red Nation - Donation Page

Why is the Navajo Nation hit hard by COVID-19?

Only 60% of households within the Navajo reservation have running water, the remaining 40% must haul water many miles for their families, livestock, and farms. Resource extraction and exploitation have depleted much of our direct water sources (aquifers, natural springs, rivers, lakes, etc.) and devastated our watersheds (e.g. irradiated from over 500 abandoned uranium mines). The lives, lands, and natural rights of Diné and Hopi people have been sacrificed so the capitalist economy of the Southwest U.S. may thrive. Without coal mined from Dzixl Yizhiin (Black Mesa, Arizona) by Diné and Hopi people to power the Central Arizona Project canal system, settlements known as Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and other abominably unnatural metropolises in the Southwest would not exist.

The Navajo Nation reservation/interment camp is about 27,000 square miles in size with only 13 grocery stores to feed over 244,000 people. There are also 10 continously understaffed, underequipped, and underfunded hospitals within the Navajo Nation. Almost one-third of homes within the Navajo Nation lack electricity, internet, and mobile phone services. Most of these same households live on 10 gallons of water a day, whereas the average American home uses 100 gallons. The socio-economic conditions of life on a reservation exacerbates the high mortality rate of diseases among Indigenous people due to extremely limited access to clean water, unpolluted land, and fresh organic foods. The crumbling infrastructure of roads, pipes, and communication makes the situation ripe for a pandemic breakout.

All Indigenous nations have been subjected to the same abuse and immiseration created by U.S. policies to deny Indigenous people their ability to truly determine their own futures. By outsourcing our kinship to inhuman structures, we have erased any semblance of self-determination for the false promises of peace. This does not mean we are looking to "go back" to pre-contact with European settlers, we are striving to recenter our purpose of upholding healthy and dignified lives for all based on kinship with human and non-human relatives.

We demand an end to capitalism and its failures. COVID-19 is a wave of injustice & genocide for all poor, displaced, & dispossessed people.

*To understand more about the geo-politics of the Diné and Hopi, please visit this link:

How does K'é Infoshop organize?

Our organizing principals are guided by the Diné philosophy of "K’é Hasin", the presence of Kinship and Everlasting Hope. Let’s not fool ourselves into romantic visions of survival, instead we must bind our futures together for total liberation. If we have to lean on our ancestors for anything, it is that they prayed for Life and not death. Not just for Diné people but for all relatives above and below the surface.

Do not grieve for the world as it was before. Be guided by the flames of hope from millions of humble people of the Earth organizing mutual aid and direct support. Don’t let these fires die alone, let us bring them together to create a new dawn of revolution.

We know many of you are afraid because our futures have been held hostage by the rich and imperialist classes for so long. This uncertainty is a consequence of incessant abuse and humiliation caused by the monsters known as Capitalism, Colonialism, Racism, and Patriarchy; all four are enemies of the Diné. Slay these monsters with us!

K’é Bei Nihi Dziil - Through Kinship We Are Strong.